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Etsitkö Rouen ankkoja myytävänä lähelläsi? Rouen ankka on yksi suosituimmista kotoperäisistä ankka-lajeista, jonka tunnistaa erottuvasta vihreästä päästä ja oransseista jaloista. Ne ovat myös erittäin helppohoitoisia, joten ne ovat erinomainen valinta sekä aloitteleville että kokeneemmille ankan omistajille.

Löytääkseen Rouen ankkoja myytävänä läheltäsi, kannattaa aloittaa etsiminen paikallisista maatiloilta ja kanoottien tarjoajilta. Voit myös käyttää online-hakukoneita ja löytää luotettavia ankka-lajitiloja ja eläintarhoja lähelläsi.

Muista kuitenkin varmistaa, että ankkoja hoidetaan asianmukaisesti ja että ne ovat terveydeltään vahvoja. Lisäksi on tärkeää valita hyvälaatuisia ankkoja, joilla on hyvä luonne ja joita on helppo hallita. Näillä neuvoilla löydät varmasti täydelliset Rouen ankkoja myytäväksi läheltäsi!

Rouen ducks are a domestic breed of ducks that originated in France. This breed is one of the oldest and most popular of the domestic breeds kept today. Rouen ducks are larger than Mallard ducks but look similar. Rouen ducks are well known for their beautiful blue-green iridescent plumage, which is darker than a Mallard’s coloration.

Rouen ducks have a calm and relaxed temperament, making them good pets for families. They are friendly and social animals that enjoy being around people. Rouen ducks are also known for being good foragers and are able to find their own food if they are allowed to roam around.

These ducks are also favored by those who keep domestic waterfowl for their meat production. Rouen ducks are known for their delicious and flavorful meat, which is lean and low in cholesterol. Due to their meat production, Rouen ducks for sale near me are fairly easy to find, and are often sold as an alternative to chicken meat.

Rouen ducks are also kept for their egg production. They lay large, white or greenish-blue eggs that are highly nutritious and favored by many. Rouen ducks also have a longer laying season than other breeds of ducks and can lay up to 180 eggs per year.



Rouen ducks are striking in appearance, with their plump and rounded bodies and iridescent feathers. The males are larger than the females and have a dark green head that is iridescent in the sunlight. Their breast feathers are a deep chestnut-colored with black lacing around the edges, while their wings and back feathers are a soft grey. The females are similar in color but are slightly smaller and have a lighter colored head with a darker brownish-black bill.


Rouen ducks are docile and friendly, making them ideal pets for families. They are social animals and enjoy the company of their owners. Rouen ducks are also known for being good foragers and can find their own food if given the opportunity to roam.

Rouen ducks are not known for being good fliers and, owing to their docile nature, they are not good at defending themselves against predators. For this reason, they should always be kept in an enclosed area or with supervision.

Care and Feeding

Rouen ducks require a balanced diet consisting of waterfowl feed, fresh fruits and vegetables, clean water, and grit. They are not good at regulating their own food intake, so care must be taken to ensure that they maintain a healthy weight.

Rouen ducks should also be provided with a safe and clean environment. They love to swim, so a pool or pond is an essential part of their living space. If they are kept in a coop, the coop should be cleaned regularly to prevent the buildup of droppings and other debris.

In conclusion, Rouen ducks are a popular breed of domestic ducks that are well known for their calm temperament, excellent meat quality, and flavorful eggs. They are gentle, social animals that can make great pets for families with young children. Rouen ducks for sale near me are easy to find, and these birds make a great addition to any backyard or homestead.

Why choose Rouen ducks?

Why choose Rouen ducks?

If you are considering raising ducks for your backyard farm, Rouen ducks are an excellent choice for several reasons. These ducks are known for their meat and egg-laying abilities, as well as their striking appearance. In this article, we will discuss the unique characteristics of Rouen ducks and why they might be the perfect addition to your flock.

First off, Rouen ducks are a large breed of domestic duck that originated in France in the 19th century. They were originally bred for meat and were often used for their flavorful, lean meat. Today, they are still a popular choice for meat production, but they are also kept for their eggs, exhibition, and as pets.

One of the biggest advantages of having Rouen ducks on your property is that they are excellent foragers. They are self-sufficient and do not require much supplemental feed if given plenty of space to roam and graze. This can be a huge benefit for those who are looking to raise ducks in a more sustainable and cost-effective way.

Rouen ducks are also known for their gentle and docile nature, making them a great choice for families with children or other small household pets. They are easy to handle and typically do not have aggressive tendencies. This makes them an excellent choice for those who want to produce their own meat and eggs while also enjoying the presence of friendly and approachable animals on their property.

Another benefit of Rouen ducks is that they are excellent egg-layers. While they may not lay as many eggs as some other breeds, such as Khaki Campbells or Indian Runners, they are known for laying large, flavorful eggs. If you are looking for a breed that will provide both meat and eggs, Rouen ducks are an excellent choice.

In addition to their practical benefits, Rouen ducks are also beautiful to look at. They have a unique dark green head, with iridescent feathers that range from brown to grey. The female Rouen has a lighter brown coloring, making them easy to tell apart from the males. This makes them a popular choice for exhibition, as well as for those who simply appreciate the beauty of these stunning creatures.

Lastly, if you are in the market for Rouen ducks, there are many sellers who offer Rouen ducks for sale near me, making it easy to add this breed to your flock. Whether you choose to purchase them from a local farm or hatchery, or order them online, you are sure to find Rouen ducks for sale near me.

In conclusion, Rouen ducks are a versatile and practical breed that can provide both delicious meat and flavorful eggs. Their gentle nature, stunning appearance, and foraging abilities make them an excellent choice for those who are looking to raise ducks for the first time. If you are looking to add these beautiful creatures to your flock, be sure to consider Rouen ducks for sale near me.

Where to find Rouen ducks for sale?


Rouen ducks are a popular breed of domesticated ducks that have been around for centuries. They are known for their beautiful green-iridescent feathers and their large size. If you’re looking to buy Rouen ducks, you’re in luck! There are several places where you can find Rouen ducks for sale.

Local Farmers and Breeders

The first place to look for Rouen ducks for sale is at your local farmers market or from local breeders. Local farmers and breeders are a great option because they often have a deep understanding of the types of animals they raise and can provide you with any information you need. In many cases, they can also offer you tips and advice on caring for your Rouen ducks.

Online Classifieds

Another option for finding Rouen ducks for sale is to check out online classified ads. Websites like Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and eBay all have a section dedicated to livestock sales, and Rouen ducks are often listed. When searching, make sure to use specific keywords like “Rouen ducks for sale near me” to ensure you find local sellers.

Local Farms and Zoos

Large local farms and zoos are also a great place to find Rouen ducks for sale. Many of these places have extensive collections of farm animals, including Rouen ducks, and are happy to sell them to you. These places may also offer additional information on how to care for your ducks and provide you with any necessary equipment, like feed and water dispensers.


If you’re looking to buy Rouen ducklings, hatcheries are an excellent source. There are many hatcheries across the country that specialize in hatching and selling different breeds of poultry, including Rouen ducks. These hatcheries offer a wide variety of ducklings, so you can choose the specific breeds and colors you want.


Whether you’re looking for adult Rouen ducks or ducklings, there are plenty of places to find them. Local farmers and breeders, online classifieds, local farms and zoos, and hatcheries are all excellent options to consider. Make sure to do your research and choose a reputable seller to ensure you bring home healthy, happy, and beautiful Rouen ducks for sale. Don’t forget to use specific keywords like “rouen ducks for sale near me” for the best possible results!

What to look for when buying Rouen ducks?

What to look for when buying Rouen ducks?

If you’re looking to buy Rouen ducks, also known as the “gentle giants” of the duck world, there are a few things to keep in mind. These large and beautiful ducks are a popular choice amongst backyard farmers and for good reason. They’re excellent egg layers, have a calm temperament and make great pets. Here are some things to look for when buying Rouen ducks.

Breeder or Hatchery

One of the first things to consider is whether to buy from a breeder or hatchery. While hatcheries offer a more affordable option, breeders may be a better choice if you’re looking for high-quality, show-worthy birds or if you’re looking to breed your ducks. It’s important to research both options to ensure you’ll get the best quality ducks for your needs.

Age and Gender

When buying Rouen ducks, it’s important to consider the age and gender of the birds. If you’re looking for egg layers, it’s best to purchase female ducks that are at least six months old. If you’re looking to breed your ducks, it’s best to purchase both males and females that are at least a year old.

Health and Condition

It’s crucial to ensure that the Rouen ducks you’re considering to purchase are healthy and in good condition. Check for signs of weight loss, feather loss, or discharge from the eyes and nostrils. If possible, ask to see the birds in action to ensure they’re moving around comfortably and displaying normal behaviors. It is important to carry out checks on ducks before making any purchases to prevent any potential spread of diseases.


Rouen ducks are social creatures and thrive when they have other ducks to socialize with. If you’re purchasing only one duck, make sure you have plenty of time to spend with it and provide it with plenty of attention. If you’re purchasing multiple ducks, make sure they’ll be compatible with one another and that you have enough space for them to live comfortably.

Price and Availability

Finally, the price and availability of Rouen ducks vary depending on your location and the season. It’s important to research the prices of Rouen ducks in your area to ensure you’re getting a fair price. Additionally, be prepared to shop around, as availability of these ducks can fluctuate throughout the year. To find Rouen ducks for sale near me, an online search is a good starting point to locate local sellers.

In conclusion, Rouen ducks are a great addition to any backyard farm or homestead. By considering the breeder or hatchery you purchase from, the age and gender of the ducks, their health and condition, compatibility with other ducks, and price and availability, you can ensure that you purchase the best quality Rouen ducks for your needs. Ensure you check for sellers within your locality for easier and more convenient purchases.

If you are thinking about raising ducks, you may want to consider Rouen ducks. Not only are they beautiful and great for showing, but they also have a number of benefits for those who want to raise ducks for meat, eggs, or simple enjoyment.

Rouen ducks are a large, heavy breed that can provide a lot of meat when raised for slaughter. Their meat is known for its rich flavor and is often preferred over chicken or turkey for its unique taste. This makes Rouen ducks a great option for those who want to raise their own meat at home.

In addition to being great for meat production, Rouen ducks are also excellent egg layers. They can lay up to 200 eggs per year, which is more than many other breeds. This can provide you with a reliable source of fresh eggs for yourself or to sell to others.

Another benefit of raising Rouen ducks is their hardiness. They are well-adapted to colder climates and can be raised year-round in most areas. They are also less susceptible to disease and can be easier to care for than other breeds of ducks.

Rouen ducks are also known for their gentle temperament and can make great pets. They are friendly and social creatures that are easy to bond with. They also have a calm and peaceful demeanor that can be calming and relaxing to be around.

If you are interested in raising Rouen ducks, you may be wondering where to find them. Fortunately, there are many Rouen ducks for sale near me and online. You can find them at many hatcheries, farm stores, and even online marketplaces.

In conclusion, Rouen ducks are a great breed to consider if you are interested in raising ducks for meat, eggs, or simple enjoyment. They are hardy, friendly, and productive birds that can provide you with a reliable source of meat or eggs. And with so many Rouen ducks for sale near me, you can easily get started on your journey to raising these wonderful birds.
Jos etsit paikkaa, josta voit ostaa aitoja rouen-sorsia läheltäsi, olet tullut oikeaan paikkaan. Meiltä löydät laajan valikoiman rouen-sorsien eri ikäisiä ja kokoisia yksilöitä myynnissä. Meillä on vuodenajasta ja kysynnästä riippuen myös erilaisia jalostettuja rotuja tarjolla. Jos haluat varmistaa paras valinta juuri sinulle, ota yhteyttä meihin ja autamme sinua valitsemaan sopivimmat rouen-sorsat. Tilaa nyt ja nauti terveistä ja herkullisista sorsalinnuista!